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Are You Killing Your Business?

Times are rapidly changing in the world of business. With the invention of the internet came a whole new platform to capture leads, improve profits, and grow businesses. The cold hard truth is that you are killing your own business if you don’t currently have a website. At one time, websites were simply supplemental. In…

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On Page SEO, The Steps to Page 1

SEO Periodic Table for asigma digital marketing Toronto

This is the question gets asked most often when we meet with clients. How do you do SEO? The answer is very complex it is something that I can talk for hours about. But let’s dive in to give you a rough idea what the countless hours are put towards. First, let’s take a look…

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Importance of Colors on a Website

mood board example for the colors on asigma web design.

First off let’s start with the basics, each website has it’s own “soul”. In other words, this is the color theme that it employs. This can either make or break a website. Pre 2010 era website did not care so much about the color design, the main concern was always is it informative? Does it…

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