Times are rapidly changing in the world of business. With the invention of the internet came a whole new platform to capture leads, improve profits, and grow businesses.

The cold hard truth is that you are killing your own business if you don’t currently have a website. At one time, websites were simply supplemental. In other words, they were used to give a business an extra boost. However, in the digital age, they are no longer supplemental but rather a necessity.

Aside from sabotaging a business, a lack of online presence is also stealing money right out of your pocket. Simply put, you’re basically standing in the way of your own profits.

Check out these interesting statistics…

  • A shocking 91% of customers have visited a store because of their online experience.
  • Nearly half (37%) of customers search for items or services on the web every month.
  • 50% of local consumers research items online. 20% of those make a purchase within a day.
  • Over half of businesses with an online presence make between 1,000,000 – 2,490,000 in annual sales.

As you can see, the only person you’re really hurting by not having a webpage is yourself. We live in an online world where convenience, authority, credibility, and ease of access are crucial when it comes to business success.

You can keep beating your head against the wall and wondering why the same old tactics you’ve been using for years aren’t working anymore or you can open your mind to something new and give your business the lifeline that it so desperately needs.

The ball is in your court and I hope that you make the right choice.

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